Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions

These General Terms apply to any case or task Legal Base Law Firm undertakes, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

All of the company’s attorneys are appointed by the Ministry of Justice in Denmark and is a member of the law society.

LegalBase law firm has taken out liability insurance and guaranteed in accordance with the rules of the law society. Liability insurance covers exercise of all professional activities, regardless of where the lawyer undertaking is exercised.

Liability insurance and the guarantee is drawn in CNA Insurance Company Limited.

Public and insurance covered legal expenses

When Legal Base Law Firm accepts an assignment for a client, we examine the extent to which there can be achieved public or insurance assistance under applicable law or insurance taken out by the client. If the fees payable provisionally or finally by the government or an insurance company, the client will be informed of the principles for determining remuneration etc.

The code of conduct

All Danish lawyers are subject to the Administration of Justice rules on eg Professional Conduct. The General Council oversees compliance with legal ethics and has drawn the ethical rules which place stringent demands on professional standards and ethics. The Disciplinary Board shall ensure compliance of code of conduct and to impose sanctions if the rules are violated.

You can read more about the ethical rules and the General Council on www.advokatsamfundet.dk. On www.advokatnaevnet.dk you can read more about professional conduct and redress etc.

Case Receipt

On receipt of a case, we examine whether our assistance will involve a conflict of interest with any of our clients.

Legal Base Law Firm is like all law firms subject to the obligations imposed by law on prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing. This implies that we are required to collect and store identity information on all of our clients for 5 years from the client terminates. Therefore, clients in the creation of a case name, address and CPR or CVR. and to the extent necessary to show evidence. For companies, it must also be information and evidence of actual ownership.

Law on prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing also commits Legal Base Law Firm to investigate transactions if there is suspicion that they are related to money laundering or terrorist financing. In this context Legal Base Law Firm will also be required to notify the Public Prosecutor for Serious Economic Crime or the Law Society.


Legal Base Law Firm settles based tasks based on time spent. On settlement we also take into account a number of factors, including the complexity, magnitude of the case, the need for specialist knowledge in performing the work, generated by the case responsibility, time constraints and the result obtained.

Besides the fees all expenses and case-related expenses is paid by the client.

Payment terms are net 8 days from the invoice date. In case of delayed payment, interest is calculated as follows: Consumers / private: reference rate plus a premium of 8%, see. Interest Act § 5, paragraph. 1. Traders: 2%. Pr month started.


Its reserved that in certain situations we requirie deposit as security for costs associated with the case and fees. Deposits are guaranteed in line with client funds.

Client funds

All funds of our clients are treated by the Law Society’s rules on the treatment of client funds. The funds is deposited in a client account with our bankers.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

Any disputes on Legal Base Lawfirms advice is subject to Danish law and Danish courts.


Company information

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All the company’s lawyers are appointed by the Ministry of Justice in Denmark and is a member of the Law Society.

Legal Base Law Firm has liability insurance and guaranteed in accordance with the Law Society. Liability insurance covers any legal practice, regardless of where the practice is carried on.

Liability insurance and the guarantee is drawn in CNA Insurance Company Limited.